Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited is a multinational, South African, company and the largest pharmaceutical or drug company on the African continent. At time of writing, Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited manufactured and supplied more than six hundred and fifty branded medicines, including treatments for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and other diseases.

With a history in health care that dates back more than one hundred and sixty years, Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited has a worldwide network, with its Durban office serving as the global headquarters. A strong presence in emerging and developed countries supports the company’s expansion across the globe, with offices in more than fifty countries. At present, Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited supplies medicines and pharmaceutical products to more than one hundred and fifty countries.

The Hodari Properties team welcomes unique challenges, especially when they’re set towards achieving beyond excellence. The development and refurbishment of Aspen Place presented a range of challenges that required a high level of close supervision and collaboration. Intricately detailed briefs and highly detailed specifications needed to be adhered to, to ensure that Aspen Place responded, and adhered to, international standards.

The refurbishment and development of Aspen Place was a superb example of Hodari Properties’ mission: to imprint African soil with landmark quality.

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