Our Purpose is to Imprint African Soil with Landmark Quality

Hodari Africa is a property development company which also specialises in third-party turnkey projects and project management. Hodari Africa has offices in South Africa, Mozambique and Mauritius and is currently active in the following countries:
● Mozambique

● Zimbabwe

● Zambia

● Namibia

● Rwanda

● Kenya

● Mauritius

With experience gained in over 30 African countries, we deliver comprehensive turnkey property solutions. The support of shareholders and bankers allows Hodari Africa to develop and hold property for their own portfolio. Hodari Africa is willing to hold property assets against market related rentals.
Our multidisciplinary team has property experience that encompasses commercial (offices), retail, industrial, warehousing and distribution centres, residential, hotels, leisure and hospitals. Having been through startups in many countries we have developed methods to reduce the risk of moving into a new territory.

Hodari Africa is able to efficiently scale up operations in total and in specific countries. This is made possible by our partnerships and by having a number of independent contractor staff whose expertise we are able to call on.

Key areas of strength and focus for Hodari Africa are


● We will take a brief from the client, assemble a design team, locate an appropriate site and construct the building.
● We will secure the financing for the property.
● Hodari Africa (through an SPV) or an investor will own the property.
● The client will pay a rental for the property. The rental will be fixed upfront.


● The same process will be followed as per property development, but in this case the client will own the property.
● The property will be delivered complete for a fixed price, set upfront.
● Financing during construction can be arranged by Hodari Africa with a single payment on completion.


Project management is done for Hodari Africa’s own projects and also as a professional service for third parties. Hodari Africa has and is able to project manage tenant and plant installations and commissioning.


Hodari Africa seeks to have the optimal operating structure in each country, which may vary from full operating subsidiaries to joint ventures to agency type relationships. We remain compliant with local law and taxation requirements at all times.


Hodari Africa has set up a fully fledged subsidiary in Mozambique, Hodari Moçambique Limitada. The company is jointly owned with Sonera Foundation. The company has dedicated offices and permanent employees including a lawyer, an architect and an administrator.

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